Monday 16 February 2015

Travel My Way Blogger Love Story in The Star Newspaper

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia..

Apa khabar semua pengunjung dan pembaca blog ni harap semua sihat walafiat dan berada dalam keadaan baik lagi menceriakan.. Lama benar aku tak update blog ni.. Maklum la dah hidup berpasangan ni kene pandai membahagikan masa dengan baik  bukan takut isteri yer hahahaa.. 

Insyallah untuk tahun 2015 ni aku berazam bahawa Blog Travel My Way akan kembali ceria dan tidak akan lagi suram.. Aku masih lagi mengembara buat masa sekarang.. dan alhamdulillah telah pun berjaya menjelajah ke beberapa negara untuk menambahkan lagi koleksi "Fridge Magnet" huhuhuu.. 

Keratan akhbar The Star Sabtu 14/02/2015 -  "Love In The Outdoor"

Okay.. actually entry kali nak share kisah percintaan admin Travel My Way ni masuk paper The Star pada tarikh 14/02/2015 - Sabtu.. Ada la satu dua gambar kecik muka admin masuk sikit celah-celah artikel tu.. Bila baca balik artikel dalam The Star tu.. membuatkan aku sendiri tergelak bersama isteri..

Sangat berterima kasih pada wartawan The Star - Mr Andrew Sia yang sudi memilih aku dan isteri sebagai salah satu couple dari empat couple untuk di muatkan di dalam 2 muka surat akhbar berkenaan.. tipulah kan kalau kata tak excited masuk paper.. okay kat bawah ni aku aku sertakan coretan artikel berkenaan.. :D

Minty sweet mountain

It was mint sweets at Gunung Ledang that started a relationship for Muhamad Afif Mohamad Salleh, 27, and Emilia Jalil, 26. “I first met her during a group hiking trip on Feb 15 last year,” he recalls. “We were tackling a tough stretch which people call KFC or Killer Fitness Centre. Then suddenly she asked me and my friend, ‘Nak mentos ke?’ (you want mentos?).”

Afif and Emilia at Lata Naning waterfall en route to Gunung Rajah, Pahang.

“At that time I had no special feelings, she was just like a normal friend that you meet while hiking,” he says. Soon after, they began to communicate more through social media. Within a month and a half, he proposed to her and she accepted. By June, they got married.

Afif, who is a teacher, and Emilia, a medical executive, still hike together regularly.

“We both love nature and we spend time in jungles, waterfalls and mountains,” he says. For this couple who live in Kuala Lumpur, some of their nearby favourite places are those which have 360 degree views at the top, such as Broga Hill, Bukit Tabur and Gunung Datuk.

“My wife is tougher and has hiked more mountains than me!” he laughs.

“Actually it wasn’t love at first sight,” chips in Emilia.

“In fact, the first time I saw him at Gunung Ledang I thought he surely couldn’t make it to the peak because he seemed more engrossed in taking photos here and there,” she laughs.

But after the climb, the group stopped for lunch and he happened to sit next to her. “We began talking and that’s when I knew Afif was a travel blogger. Huhuu...well, to have a partner who shares the same hobby is a gift.”

Afif (in glasses) first met his wife Emilia (next to him) while hiking.

Hiking has deepened their relationship.

“Every time we go into the jungle, we are reminded to help and look out for each other. It makes us forget about any past misunderstandings,” says Afif, who also runs a travel blog called

“My wife will be more cute or romantic when we come across something very tough during our hikes. She will start to gedik (act cute, in a playfully, needy way) so that I will help her,” he adds.

Afif explains how love blossoms, despite the sweat and strain of the outdoors.

“When is food most delicious? It’s when you are starving right? The challenges and obstacles of the jungle make you appreciate each other more,” he underlines.

“When I first saw my wife, I saw her real, original face, you know what I mean? It’s not just about having no makeup. When people are tired and sweating, they don’t pura-pura (act fake). What you see is how they really are.”

Menawan puncak Gunung Rajah 1684 meter..
Dari kiri berdiri Adam, Arif, Asyraf, Yus, Emy dan Husband :D

He believes that people who love nature tend to be “good people”.

“This is because hiking is not always an easy hobby. You can be smelly when you sweat. Leeches or bees can bite in the jungle. But hikers are down to earth and know how to save money. They spend only for experiences not for flashybarang (possessions). And they know how to hidup berdikari (be independent), to survive despite adversity.”

His advice for people who like hiking is to find partners who share their interest.

“Otherwise, from what I’ve seen, after you are married, you will never get to return to nature.”

He adds, “Whenever we hike together nowadays, the first thing we bring along is Mentos.”


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